Request for Proposals

RFP for Internal Connections - Posted 1/25/16
Proposal Deadline:  2/22/16
Internal Connections - Item 21 Description of Service

Will be posted as questions are received 

Does the school board have the required SFP's on order to provide a 10 gig transmission between the sites?  If you are not sure, could you share the part numbers of the items on order so that we can verify that the desired result at the end of this project will be obtained?


If providing 3 solutions: One which is exactly the way the design is described in the RFP. We will also provide one utilizing direct connections between each school and the MDF as well as one that would provide a redundant fiber path utilizing one additional fiber between the twos lower grade schools.  Can all of these solutions be provided in the same response?


Cisco SFP-10G-SR= SFP+ Transceiver Module
Mfg. Part: SFP-10G-SR

Fine to all be on the same proposal.  

It is the responsibility of all vendors to monitor this website for all RFP related documents (addendums, amendments, ect.)