The Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Committee develops and reviews the PBIS Reward structure that we use at our school. Our school uses Kickboard to track and record positive, negative, and neutral behaviors for individual students. Each student and parent has login credentials for the kickboard website and can view behaviors 24 hours a day. In addition to our school referral process, Kickboard allows our faculty and staff a platform to review and asses school data to ensure that all student behaviors are addressed appropriately. Below is the current reward structure. As the year continues, the committee will adjust and add rewards as needed.

1. Weekly Awards - Raising Cane’s Gift Card drawing for students who are in the (Top 5) on the positive point leaderboard each week.

2. Monthly Awards - At the beginning of each month, a free dress day will be given to students who earn an average of 99 Points or higher each month. PBIS Committee will provide free dress coupons to eligible students.

3. Quarterly Awards - Students who average 102 points or more for the nine weeks period will be eligible for a cash prize drawing at the recognition programs.

In addition to the above rewards, the committee will include snacks and PRIDE party opportunities in the future.


Band class at the middle school level is an instrumental music class offered as an exploratory class credit on a voluntary basis to students in grades 6-8. Students are required to rent or purchase a band instrument from the brass, woodwind or percussion family to pursue their musical education. Performance is an integral part of the band experience; therefore it should be conceived as a part of the total learning process. Performance should be treated as a means to the end result of producing well-developed individual performers. The skills and concepts of musical development must receive the emphasis, not the performance itself. Outstanding public performers and competition-festival participation are a by-product of outstanding development.


The Accelerated Reader program is used school-wide to encourage students to read. Students are administered the STAR assessment to determine reading levels. They then must select books on their level and set individual reading goals. Students are required to read daily at school and at home. Students take computerized tests on their books once they have completed reading them.


All eighth graders will take the Explore Test offered by the American College Testing Service. The Explore test is an eighth grade version of the ACT, the college entrance exam taken by juniors and seniors. The test is administered during the school day in March.


Students who qualify for the Accelerated Math Program may enter 7th Grade Accelerated Math classes and/or 8th Grade Algebra I. This program allows students to be on track to take Calculas in High School.


Those students who score at or above the 95th percentile on specific areas of the i LEAP test are eligible for participation in this program sponsored by Duke University. These seventh graders register to take the American College Test (ACT) in either December or February and are eligible for state or national recognition based upon their scores. Applications may be obtained through the guidance office.


All eighth graders who meet the criteria established by the state committees are encouraged to participate in this program. Students are interviewed and selections made by a school-based committee of teachers.

Student of the Year Process Timeline Handout


Students in the eighth grade social studies classes have the opportunity to participate in the annual Youth Legislature, which is held in Baton Rouge at the State Capitol for two days in February or March (depending on which session our school attends). Students will receive more information from their social studies teachers at the appropriate time.